Karate classes for kids build self confidence

We offer Karate classes appropriate for children of all ages.

To learn more about our program call us at (817) 484-2985.

Our program for kids will:

Help your child become physically fit!

Achieve tremendous self-confidence, which will help you child with all aspects of their lives!

Improve your child's social skills!

     I know, as a parent, that our children's safety is our number one concern. We have found the best defense against bullies and worse threats to our children is the tremendous self-confidence developed through training in techniques of effective self-defense.  When an individual knows he can defend himself, he doesn't feel the need to prove himself.
     On the other hand, bullies and other preditors are always looking for the easiest victim.  When they see someone with excellent self-confidence, they will skip him and find someone else to pick on.

Call (817) 484-2985
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The Academy of Okinawan Karate is conveniently located between Burleson and Joshua, right on Wilshire.

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